body therapy for women (60 minutes) 7000yen+Tax


In the Pelvic Osteopathy for Women, we first check the distortion of the pelvis and the entire body, as well as the depth of breathing. By adjusting the body, the natural functions of the body are activated, breathing becomes easier, and circulation improves.

The treatment is also popular among those who are trying to get pregnant. Regularly adjusting the pelvis and body can help prevent minor problems such as back pain and difficult childbirth in the future.

women’s therapy & body care (90 minutes) 9000yen+Tax

This course is designed for those who are experiencing physical fatigue and need pelvic osteopathy and full body care at the same time.
First, we will examine your physical condition, and then we will give you a treatment that suits your body in a relaxed atmosphere.
This is a must-try menu for those who feel that they cannot get rid of fatigue with regular massage.


women’s therapy & body care with jojoba oil

90 min 10000yen+Tax

120min 11500yen+Tax


In this course, in addition to the pelvic osteopathy, oil is used to slowly and thoroughly remove waste accumulated in the body.
This course is popular among people with a wide range of symptoms, such as coldness, swelling, stiffness and pain in the muscles of the shoulders, back and legs, headaches, and chronic fatigue.
The oil used is high quality jojoba oil.


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