Deep tissue massage (Shiatsu)


In our Deep tissue massage, we give you the most suitable treatment according to your favorite strength.
This is peculiar Japanese massage and its pressure is relatively strong.
Your body is loosened to deep tissue of body.
This course includes stretching so that your stiff body by fatigue will be released.
At the same time, it improves distorted body, pelvis and depth of breathing.
Also, this course can be combined with aroma oil massage.

Example) Shiatsu 30min + Aroma oil massage 30 min = Total 60 min

Deep tissue massage (90 minutes)

Aroma oil massage

nico’s aroma oil massage pushes slowly and firmly away effete matter in your body.
We have good reputation from customer who has poor circulation, swelling, stiff or pain on shoulders, back and legs, and headache and who is hard to release fatigue.
Also if you hope, we can check distortion of pelvis and depth of breathing.
We can give you some advices along the result. Of course, you can arrange strength of pressure in treatment.
We use high quality jojoba oil.
This course can be combined with Shiatsu massage.

Example) Shiatsu 30 min + Aroma oil massage 30 min = Total 60 min


A price list (standard price)

Youcan use the $ 100yen = 1$

Treatment menuTimePrixce
Deep tissue massage
Aroma oil massage 60min4,500yen
Maternity massage
(Aroma oil +500 yen)
Postpartum massage
(Aroma oil +500 yen)
※tax is included

  • Except above menu, we prepare longer time course.
  • You can extend time. (800 yen per every ten minutes) (In case your treatment time is close to the next reservation, it may be impossible to extend)
  • Credit card are accepted. ※VISA,MASTER,AMEX


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