Maternity massage

During pregnancy, unborn baby can feel comfortable if mother feel relaxed.
Our maternity care menu is for women to ease lower back pain, hip pain, and swelling legs by spending some relaxing time.
If you hope, we can check your distortion of pelvis and add brief adjustment to your body in this treatment.
This massage has good reputation. After continuing this treatment periodically, confinement gets easier.
We can deal with both dry massage and oil massage.
Combination (Dry massage and Oil massage) is also available.


Maternity massage (60 minutes) 8000yen+Tax



Maternity massage (90 minutes) 10000yen+Tax



Maternity massage + Oil Care (90 minutes) 10500yen+Tax


  • If you wish to have a maternity massage, it must be after 16 weeks. Please make a reservation after confirming whether you can receive maternity care of your doctor or midwife by medical checkup during pregnancy or by telephone.
  • If it is just before your expected due date, or if your due date has passed, we will accept to treat you only when you have your doctor’s consent, and you are accompanied by someone or you have someone to pick you up.
  • Please consult with your doctor before making an appointment if you are required to rest in bed by the doctor, or when you are unsure about your condition.


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