Postpartum therapy is very important for women after childbirth.

nico’s therapy is a comprehensive adjustment that assesses the condition of not only the pelvis but also the entire body, including the rib cage.


  • Adjusts the body so that you can start sports or training smoothly.
  • By adjusting the pelvis to the correct position, the internal organs will be activated and metabolism will be promoted.
  • Not only the pelvis, but also the rib cage, other joints, and muscles will be adjusted thoroughly.
  • By adjusting the entire body, the activity of the muscles is increased, and you can expect to burn more calories in your daily life.
  • By adjusting the rib cage, breathing can be improved, which can help with symptoms such as shallow sleep, fatigue, lack of clarity, and depression.
  • It also helps to prevent pain in the joints and possible future pain in the wrists, shoulders, knees and other joints by adjusting the alignment of the joints.
  • The muscles that hold the pelvis in place are adjusted so that they can be utilized properly.

It is highly recommended that you have your pelvis adjusted before you start running or other physical activities.
We can also provide maintenance for those who have already started training such as running.

Postpartum therapy  (60 minutes) 7000yen+Tax


This treatment not only corrects the pelvis loosened during childbirth, but also comprehensively adjusts the distortions of the whole body, muscle balance, breathing depth, and joint movement.
It is especially recommended for those who want to get back in shape soon after childbirth, and for those who have suffered from joint pains such as tendinitis before.

  • Postpartum therapy & body care(90 minutes) 9000yen+Tax


which is especially tired after childbirth, and is recommended for those who feel fatigue after childbirth

After childbirth, the muscles in the neck, shoulders, back, and chest remain tense due to the effects of breastfeeding, carrying a baby, and not being able to turn over in bed, resulting in poor blood flow.
In this set course, in addition to the postpartum pelvic adjustment, the muscles of the neck, shoulders, back, and chest are carefully relaxed, which is especially tired after childbirth, and is recommended for those who feel fatigue after childbirth.
Also, since breast milk is made from blood, it is very important for breastfeeding to remove the tension from the muscles around the shoulders and chest that support the breast.
It is very important that the mother’s body is in good condition in order to produce nutritious milk for the baby, so it is also recommended for those who are breastfeeding. 

Postpartum therapy & body care with jojoba oil

90min 11000yen+Tax

120min 12,500yen+Tax


In this course, in addition to the pelvic osteopathy, oil is used to slowly and thoroughly remove waste accumulated in the body.
This course is popular among people with a wide range of symptoms, such as coldness, swelling, stiffness and pain in the muscles of the shoulders, back and legs, headaches, and chronic fatigue.
The oil used is high quality jojoba oil.

  • The postpartum menu is available from 1 month after delivery.
  • If you had a cesarean section, please make a reservation after confirming with your doctor during your one-month checkup.


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For people with children
We will provide some extension time to take care of your children for maximum 30minutes in your reservation, so please do not worry about undone treatment from looking over your own children … read more